Teach you how to clean stainless steel tableware

Date:2018-12-20 View:1380

After using stainless steel Western tableware for a long time, even if it is cleaned at ordinary times, its surface will lose its original beautiful luster. Here, I would like to teach you how to clean stainless steel Western tableware by three methods: carrot head cleaning, tomato sauce tea wiping and pineapple skin cooking, and elaborate the relevant matters needing attention.

Tools/raw materials
Carrot Top
Pineapple peel

Method 1: Use the carrot head to clean the unused carrot head when cooking. After roasting on the fire, it can be used to wipe stainless steel tableware.

Method 2: Tea with tomato sauce can be smeared with expired tomato sauce on those stainless steel dishes that lose luster. After 10 minutes, wipe with paper towel, rinse with hot water and dry with cloth, your stainless steel dishes will be instantly refreshed, because the acetic acid composition and metal in tomato sauce will react.

Method 3: It is difficult to wash stainless steel tableware with pineapple peel, but as long as stainless steel tableware is put into the pot, add water, put some pineapple peel into the pot, boil for 20 minutes, and take out when it is cold, each one is as bright as new!

Matters needing attention
Stainless steel tableware should be cleaned with alkaline organic detergent, and stainless steel utensils should not be washed with strong alkaline or oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc.